Learning Excursions

Elementary Excursions

Adventure Science Center
– Second grade students enjoy a day at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville TN every May. There are many interactive displays that allow the children to learn about Science. The highlight of this trip is dissecting a squid in the Science Lab.

U.S. Space and Rocket Center - Fourth grade comes to an end with an annual trip to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL. Students get to see and experience some of the things they have studied during the year. Students learn about all that was in involved in the race to space, the development of the Space Shuttle program and the International Space Station, and they hear about NASA's plans for the future. The Space Center is a Smithsonian affiliate and each year there is a traveling interactive exhibit that provides even more learning opportunities in a fun setting. Students also get to experience the effects of gravity on rides such as G-Force and the SpaceShot. This trip is a fun and educational experience for students and their parents.

Challenger Space Center – Fifth grade students look forward to this “out of the world” trip to the Space Center where they each play a role in launching into space. They prepare for the trip and then put their plans into action

Land Between the Lakes – This two-day outdoor education class for our fifth grade students includes a trip to the Homeplace to learn about life in the 1850's.

Shiloh National Military Park – Fifth grade students explore Shiloh National Military Park in this day trip. They visit sites of this epic battle in the Western Theatre of the Civil War.

Middle School Excursions

Memphis Zoo Snooze -
Sixth grade students study animal habitats in science at the beginning of the year. To culminate the study, we travel to the Memphis Zoo to spend the night and have a nighttime guided tour of the animals' living environment, diet, and activities. It is always an exciting trip that the kids talk about for years to come!

Walt Disney World 
- Eighth-grade students travel to Walt Disney World to experience the Disney Youth Education Series. While there, students get to engage in a behind-the-scenes look at Magic Kingdom. Students get a first-hand understanding of physics as instructors demonstrate force, motion, and gravity that are in action at one of Disney's famous roller coasters. Students also have the chance to travel around the globe at Epcot's World Showcase pavilions as well as venture into space and engage in the world of technology through many of the STEM offerings at Epcot.

SOAR classes enhance learning through trips each school year to various locations based on current units of study. Each year brings new adventures and learning experiences. Past trips include the TN state capitol for TN history unit; Hannibal, MO, for a study of Mark Twain's life and works; Boston, MA, for a study of the American Revolutionary period.

High School Excursions

(Excursions will vary from year to year.  Recent trips are described here.)

Washington DC
– This yearly trip is the highlight of the junior year of high school. This "information vacation" immerses students into our nation's rich history and provides them the chance to grow in their understanding of our freedoms and the cost of those freedoms.

Six Flags Physics Day - The Physics and Calculus classes spend a fun-filled learning day at Six Flags in St. Louis, Missouri for Physics Day. Students are responsible for taking measurements and calculating G-forces, velocity, and acceleration of specific rides.

International Mission Trips 
Each year, students are given opportunities to travel abroad during spring break mission trips. Destinations vary. In recent years, students have visited Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Argentina.
Mission Trip Photos

Africa Mission Trip - This spring break trip is reserved for seniors only. The main focus is on enriching and encouraging the lives of locals in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe as well as orphans in rural areas. Students also have the opportunity to share the word of Jesus through a Vacation Bible School with local secondary students.

Nicaragua Mission Trip - High school students have the opportunity to experience a new culture in Leon, Nicaragua during spring break. Students work with the Nicaragua Christian School and share their faith during this life-changing week. 

Argentina Mission Trip - Students in grades 10-12 travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina for a week-long mission effort. Students who participate have an active faith and are eager to make friends with the Christians there and to share their testimony of faith. The team collaborates with the local churches to accomplish service goals as needed. One day is reserved for tourism and souvenir shopping.

Dominican Republic Mission Trip - Students in grades 10-12 travel to Bobita and Rio San Juan in the Dominican Republic for a week of service. Students will interact with the kids at Manna Christian School, kids in the Bobita Children's Home, and the kids in Rio San Juan. The students have opportunities to share their faith through numerous activities throughout the week with some including but not limited to: Vacation Bible Schools, a work day, a community day, and English classes.