Success: Striving to Beat your Personal Record

Track and Field is all about dedication, commitment, intrinsic motivation, and self-improvement. At Jackson Christian, we try to develop these characteristics on the track so that they will carry over into every facet of life. In victory or in defeat, we give God the glory for blessing us with the ability to run, throw, and jump. At Jackson Christian School we see every competition as an opportunity to set a Personal Record, just like we see every day as an opportunity to be more like Christ than we were the day before.

Darby Palmer
Head Coach:
Darby Palmer

Assistant Coach:
Harold Lee Hooper


JCS Track Team

2019 Varsity Schedule

March 12USJ
Apr. 2USJ
Apr. 9USJ
Apr. 18USJ

3:45 p.m. - Coaches’ Meeting
* 4:00 p.m. - National Anthem, 1st Call for Field Events and Girls/Boys 3200 relay
* 5:00 p.m. - Running Events Begin 

March 12 Results:
Boys 4x100 relay - 2nd (Jackson Taylor, Owen Hughes, Peyton Tinsley, Will Cisco)
Boys 400 Meter Dash - 3rd - Will Cisco
Boys 200 Meter Dash - 3rd- Peyton Tinsley
Girls 3200 meter - 2nd - Ali Hylkema
Girls Shot & Discus - 2nd - Heather Stephenson

Varsity Photos

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