2006 State Champions

One Team. One Goal. Family.

First and foremost, our football program is centered on honoring God with how we conduct ourselves on and off the field. We believe in competition and having an Above-the-Line attitude day in and day out. Our goal is to teach young men how to compete daily in football and, more importantly, their walk with God. Jackson Christian football has 30 years of football tradition with 17 playoff appearances and a 2006 state football championship. Jackson Christian has produced 30 All-State football players and 25 college signees.

Darby PalmerHead Coach:
Darby Palmer


Jackson Christian Football

2019 Varsity Schedule

May 17Spring Game: West CarrollHome6:00
Aug. 9Scrimmage: GreenfieldAway4:00
Aug. 16*Jamboree: HumboldtHome7:30
Aug. 23First Assembly ChristianAway7:00
Aug. 30Chester CountyHome7:30
Sept. 6Tipton- RosemarkAway7:00
Sept. 13Clarksville AcademyHome7:30
Sept. 20USJHome7:30
Sept. 27Fayette AcademyAway7:00
Oct. 4Columbia AcademyHome7:00
Oct. 11TBA
Oct. 18Nashville ChristianAway7:00
Oct. 25Trinity ChristianHome7:30
Nov. 1Davidson AcademyAway7:00
* Elementary/Middle School/JV & Varsity High School will play.
Varsity Photos
Assistant Coaches:
Paul Keller
Harold Hooper
Brian Bullard
Brandon Sheffield
Allen Irvin
Louis Gillom

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Junior Varsity

2019 Schedule
Aug. 26HumboldtHome6:00 p.m.
Sept. 9West CarrollHome6:00 p.m.
Sept. 16TCAHome6:00 p.m.
Sept. 23USJAway6:00 p.m.
Sept. 30Scotts HillAway6:00 p.m.

Middle School 

JCS Middle School Football

2019 Middle School Schedule

Aug. 8TCAHome6:00
Aug. 16Jamboree
Aug. 20West BemisHome6:00
Sept. 5Fayette WareHome6:00
Sept. 12Gibson Co.Home6:00
Sept. 17MiddletonHome6:00
Sept. 19St. Mary'sAway6:00

MS Photos
Adam Brower

Assistant Coaches:
Chuck Rhea
Chuck Cooper

Fifth-Sixth Grade 

5th and 6th Grade Football 2017

2018 5th-6th Grade

Aug. 14Alamo ScrimmageAway6:30 p.m.
Aug. 28USJAwayV 6:00 p.m.
JV 7:30 p.m.
Sept. 1TrinityHomeV 6:00 p.m.
Sept. 4USJAwayV 6:00 p.m.
JV 7:30 p.m.
Sept. 8Alamo Play DateAwayTBA
Sept. 15USJ Play DateAwayTBA
Sept. 18USJHomeV 6:00 p.m.
JV 7:30 p.m.
Sept. 20TrentonAwayV 6:00 p.m.
JV 7:30 p.m.
Sept. 22TrinityAwayV 9:00 a.m.
Sept. 25Chester CountyHomeV 6:30 p.m.
Sept. 29JCS Play DateHomeV 10:00 a.m.
JV 11:15 a.m.
Oct. 2TrinityAwayV 6:00 p.m.
5th-6th Gr. Photos

Lee Johnson

Collegiate Signings

Clayton Phillips
Bethany College, Class of 2017

Johnny Williams
Austin Peay University, Class of 2014

Drae Bowles

University of Tennessee Knoxville, Army All-America Bowl, Class of 2012

Cody Jones 
Arkansas Tech University,  All-State: 2007, 2008, Class of 2010

Ethan Cooper 
Lambuth University, All-State: 2008, Class of 2009

Will Johnson
Lambuth University, Class of 2009

Dallas McCarver
Bethel University, Class of 2009

Logan Perkins
Harding University, Class of 2009

Josh Aldridge
Harding University, All-State: 2006 and 2007, Class of 2008

Ben Cooper
Lambuth University, Class of 2008

Isaac Grizzell
Lambuth University, Class of 2008

Matt Hudson
University of Central Arkansas, Class of 2008

Tanner Perkins
Lambuth University, Class of 2008

Clay Fowler
University of Mississippi,  All-State: 2006, Class of 2007

Trey Mangrum
Mount St. Joseph University, Class of 2007

Rashad Rayner
Harding University, All-State: 2006, Class of 2007

Jeffrey Allen
Lambuth University, Class of 2006

Brandon Sheffield
Lambuth University, Class of 2006

Michael Ragan
Lambuth University, Class of 2006

Andrew Atkins
Lambuth University, Class of 2005

Chris Hirschfield
Murray State University, All-State: 2004, Class of 2005

Jordan Perkins
Lambuth University, Class of 2004

Justin Darby
Liberty University, Class of 2000

Brian Pearson

Lambuth University, Class of 2000

Shawn Nash
Lambuth University, Class of 1995

Mark Taylor
Lambuth University, Class of 1993