Basketball - Men

Strength in Numbers.

God is first on our list. We will serve, honor, and glorify Him in all things we do. As a team, players will pray for each other on a weekly basis. Our program is built on the concept that the team is bigger than any one player and that hard work pays off. We strive to develop unselfish players who are committed to the pursuit of excellence in all areas of life.


JCS HS Men's Basketball

2018-2019 Varsity Schedule

Basketball Student Section Themes

Nov. 13MilanHome7:3069-32 W
Nov. 16MadisonAway7:3067-53 W
Nov. 19BradfordHome7:3063-48 W
Nov. 20LexingtonHome7:3038-42 L
Nov. 27TCAAway7:3063-20 W
Nov. 29MadisonHome7:3049-32 W
Nov. 30BradfordAway7:3045-41 W
Dec. 4Fayette Academy*Home7:3060-50 W
Dec. 7FACS*Home7:3050-47 W
Dec. 8LexingtonAway7:3067-55 W
Dec. 14TCAHome7:3047-54 L
Dec. 18MilanAway7:3044-54 L
Dec. 20KSA Invitational:
Montour (PA)
Orlando, FL47-43 W
Dec. 21KSA Invitational:
Conrad Academy (FL)
Orlando, FL61-51 W
Dec. 22KSA Invitational:
Peters Township (PA)
Orlando, FL46-63 L
Jan. 3Tipton-Rosemark*Away7:3057-59 L
Jan. 5ECS*Home5:0044-38 W
Jan. 8USJ*Away7:3052-38 W
Jan. 11Sacred Heart*Away7:3049-72 L
Jan. 15Carroll Academy*Home7:3080-12 W
Jan. 18Fayette Academy*Away7:3052-31 W
Jan. 22FACS*Away7:3042-71 L
Jan. 25Tipton Rosemark*Home7:3060-53 W
Jan. 29ECS*Away7:3053-62 L
Feb. 1USJ*Home7:3040-42 W
Feb. 5Sacred Heart*Home7:3058-51 W
Feb. 8Carroll Academy*Away6:3061-28 W
Feb. 12Regional Tournament:
Harding Academy
Home7:0045-64 L
Varsity Photos
Assistant Coach:
Kyle Teichmann

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Junior Varsity 

2018-2019 Junior Varsity Schedule

Nov. 20LexingtonHome4:30
Nov. 27TCAAway4:30
Nov. 29MadisonHome4:30
Dec. 4Fayette AcademyHome3:00
Dec. 8LexingtonAway4:30
Dec. 14TCAHome4:30
Dec. 18MilanAway4:30
Dec. 21KSA TournamentOrlando, FLTBD
Jan. 5ECSHomeTBD
Jan. 8USJAway4:30
Jan. 18Fayette AcademyAway4:30
Jan. 29ECSAway4:30
Feb. 1USJHome4:30

Brian Bullard

Middle School

JCS Middle School Boys' Basketball

2018-19 Middle School Schedule

DateOpponentLocationJV Games 
Oct. 18Savannah ChristianHome6th Boys
Oct. 22Lake RoadHomeGirls
Oct. 23Chester CountyHomeBoys
Oct. 25St. Mary'sAwayNone
Oct. 29USJAwayBoth
Nov. 1West BemisHomeNone
Nov. 5Northeast (Canceled)AwayGirls
Nov. 8LexingtonHomeBoys
Nov. 10Rose HillAwayNone - 2:00 start
Nov. 12TCAHomeGirls
Nov. 15Savannah ChristianAway6th Boys
Nov. 17Bargerton (Canceled)Home6th Boys @ 1pm
Nov. 26West BemisAwayNone
Nov. 29NortheastHomeNone
Dec. 6USJHomeGirls
Dec. 8Rose HillHomeVarsity Girls start @ 1:00
Dec. 13BargertonAwayGirls JV @ 5:30
Dec. 17Chester CountyAwayGirls
Jan. 7WhitevilleAwayBoys
Jan. 10TCAAwayBoys
Jan. 14Ramer (8th Grade Night)HomeVarsity Girls start at 6:30
Jan. 17LexingtonAwayGirls
Jan. 19Blue Suede Invitational:
vs. Waynesboro
South Gibson Middle School
Jan. 24
(If win on 19th)
Blue Suede Invitational:
vs. Humboldt
South Gibson Middle School
Jan. 26Blue Suede InvitationalSouth Gibson Middle
Thursday, Oct 18- Varsity girls 4:00, 6th grade boys 5:00, 8th grade boys 6:00
Saturday, Nov 17- 1:00 pm boys JV start time, girls varsity at 2:00 pm
Thursday, Nov 29- 3:30 pm start time in Coffman
**8th grade night--- Mon. Jan. 14 vs. Ramer**

5th/6th Grade 

JCS 5th/6th Grade Basketball

Collegiate Signings

Jeremy Stewart
Brescia University, Class of 2017

Riley Ragan
Bethel University, Class of 2017

Zack Fitzgerald

Bethel University, Class of 2012

Phillip Groves 
Harding University, Class of 2005

Alan North 
Union University, Class of 2005