Customized Instruction

The Wings Program equips Jackson Christian to serve the individual needs of our students. The program includes Literacy Lab, Quest, Soar, and Harmony.

We realize that every child has been uniquely designed emotionally, socially and cognitively by God. We want to embrace their uniqueness, find their strengths and help them reach their full potential. The Wings Program allows us to meet a broader spectrum of academic needs.

Leigh-Ann Davis
Director of Wings:
Leigh-Ann Davis

Literacy Lab  (Reading-based learning deficiencies)

The Literacy Lab provides an individualized approach for students with dyslexia or related reading-based learning deficiencies. The focus is on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Brandi Holland, Certified Academic Language Therapist, is the instructor. Mrs. Holland is certified by The Academic Language Therapy Association, the largest national professional organization for written language specialists.

Referral Source:

Parents should contact Brandi Holland ( by email if their child has a current diagnosis of dyslexia or any other language-based deficiency.

Additionally, contact Mrs. Holland if you feel your child needs to be screened for a language-based deficiency.

Preliminary screenings will be conducted at school.

Evaluation procedure:
A series of assessments will be given once the initial referral process takes place. A parental meeting will take place following the assessments to discuss findings and to develop an accommodation plan.

Program components:
  • For students with dyslexia and other related reading and language-based learning deficiencies
  • Instruction will be delivered using a multi-sensory approach. 
  • All students will be screened and an individualized plan developed for each student. 
  • Focus includes phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. 
  • Weekly sessions 
  • Offered to grades K-12 
  • Students will attend Literacy Lab for a minimum of one school year and be reevaluated annually.

Quest  (Tutoring)

  • Quest is a free academic tutoring program available to all middle and high school students.
  • Quest is designed to build confidence and improve grades in any subject, as needed by the student.
  • Sessions are held after school until 3:30 on Monday through Thursday.
  • Quest may be requested by teachers, parents, or students on an as-needed basis.
  • One-on-one tutoring with advanced students (college students and Jackson Christian honor students under the supervision of faculty/staff members) is also available.  This service is charged monthly.
Supervisor: Lisa Hickerson, Director of Academics

Soar  (Gifted)

Soar is offered for students who have been evaluated and meet the qualifications as gifted. As Director of Soar, Leigh-Ann Davis oversees the challenging enrichment activities. Davis is licensed in Tennessee to teach the gifted program and taught gifted classes in Obion County School System for 3rd-8th grades. She developed and implemented system-wide screening and evaluation procedures for gifted students and assisted teachers with planning of gifted programs. She is a member of the TN Association for the Gifted (TAG). Davis instructs the secondary program and Ruth Anne Smith instructs the elementary program. Both Davis and Smith have master’s degrees in special education that meet the requirements for licensure in gifted education for the Tennessee Department of Education.

Referral Source:

Parents will contact Leigh-Ann Davis ( by email to refer their child for evaluation. The evaluation process will generally begin on February 1 and end March 31 for the following school year.

Evaluation Procedure:

Students will be evaluated by Mrs. Emily Davis, private psychological examiner for Jackson Christian. Parents will be responsible for the evaluation fee. This will be set up by Mrs. Davis. Once the report is completed, parents and teachers will meet to discuss the findings.

Program Requirements:

Meet criteria in the following areas:


Academic Achievement

Gifted Characteristics

Available for students in grades 4-12

Program Components:

Students will participate in units of study with enriching activities, designed to develop higher order thinking skills. Field trips will be taken that are centered around units of study.

Harmony  (Special needs)

Since its inception in August of 2003, Jackson Christian’s Harmony Program has provided excellent service to qualified special needs students. This highly successful program is designed to meet the needs of students who desire to attend a Christ-centered school, but are unable to successfully meet the rigorous academic expectations. Harmony is under the direction of Leigh-Ann Davis and Ruth Anne Smith

Jackson Christian believes that students who have special needs should be assisted to experience success and should be challenged to strive toward their maximum potential. This program is offered to elementary, middle, and high school students. Special programs, such as this, require an extremely low student-teacher ratio. This necessitates an additional expense for these students.

I Peter 3:8 - "Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another, be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing."

General Guidelines
  • The Harmony Program will provide educational services to students identified with special needs.
  • Admissions staff will communicate with Harmony faculty and administration about all prospective Harmony students before admission is applied and granted. 
  • Admission to the program is on a weighted basis and will service JCS families first.
  • Prospective Harmony students, new to Jackson Christian, will spend time with the Harmony teacher in the class setting. 
  • Students must have a current accommodation plan and current psychological/medical evaluation. The evaluation should include academic testing, cognitive functioning, identified disability and deficit areas. Evaluations are considered current from three years of test date.
  • Harmony personnel and administration will meet to review data and determine if placement in the Harmony Program is possible and at what level. An Accommodations Plan will be developed for each student.
  • Not all students with special needs will be accepted into the program.
  • Students cannot be a threat to others or to themselves. Their behavior should be manageable.
  • There is no specific number of students the program will serve. Capacity is based on the needs of the students served.
  • Students receiving Harmony services will be billed according to their individual Harmony levels.
  • Students will receive a diploma. Harmony services will be noted on the student’s report card and Jackson Christian official transcript. 
  • Harmony faculty and staff will meet throughout the year to discuss issues relating to Harmony and to ensure continuity between the elementary school and the middle/high school.
  • If at any time Harmony faculty and/or administration feel that the program is not an appropriate placement for a student, a conference will be held with parents to determine continuation in the program.
  • The Harmony Program will be equipped with staff, curriculum, and a physical environment to provide an enriched learning experience for the students. 

The following statement will appear on report cards and transcripts of Harmony students:

Harmony Student

This transcript/report card reflects the student’s performance within the Harmony program. Harmony provides educational services to students with special needs (intellectual or physical disabilities). All students enrolled in the Harmony program have a current psychological profile and may receive modifications in coursework, assessments, and/or assignments. All modifications are made in compliance with the student’s accommodation plan.