HS Academic Policies

Grading Scale

The following legend will be used for all academic and conduct evaluations:
A = 93 - 100   
B = 85 - 92   
C = 75 – 84   
D = 70 - 74  
F = 0 - 69
I  = Incomplete
S = Satisfactory
U = Unsatisfactory
E = Excellent
P = Pass
F = Fail
N= Needs Improvement
NG= No Grade

GPA Calculations

Grade point average (GPA) will be calculated on a numerical scale (0-100%) carried out four decimal places. Honors courses will be weighted four (4) points. These points are added on all academic records, report cards, transcripts, and when figuring GPA for class rankings.

Academic Policy for Extra-Curricular Participation

Students must maintain standards of the TSSAA for athletic participation at the varsity level. This is a minimum standard. Current TSSAA standards are that all students participating in varsity athletics must pass five subjects the previous semester (summer school counts for fall eligibility). Activities which have standards already prescribed which are more rigorous than this policy may continue to use those previously established standards with administrative approval.


Students who earn the top three averages in each core subject will be presented academic awards in a spring assembly.

Grade Sheets and Report Cards

Progress Reports may be viewed by parents at any time on RenWeb.  Report Cards are computer generated and are available only on RenWeb at the end of each grading period.

School Counselor

The secondary School Counselor is prepared to assist students in grades 6-12 with personal, educational, and vocational needs and concerns. Individual counseling appointments may be requested by the student. The counselor is also available to work with teachers concerning problems with individual students and to assist in any way to facilitate the school’s programs.


Standardized achievement tests are administered on an annual basis at Jackson Christian. The tests generally measure the student’s scholastic progress. Jackson Christian usually administers the NWEA test battery, EXPLORE, PLAN, PSAT, ACT, and SAT. Test scores, as well as all school records, are protected by the right to privacy.

Transcript Release

Students may request transcripts through Naviance. Students must log into their Naviance account and click on the Colleges tab. Once on the Colleges tab, click on Transcripts on the left, then click on Request Transcripts to have your transcript sent to the college of your choice.

Semester Exams

Students will take exams at the end of each semester. These will be administered during a special schedule with no more than two exams scheduled on any day. Middle School students will take one exam per day. The release time of 11:30 A.M. is to enable students to have adequate time to prepare for the next day’s exams. The exam schedule will be announced by the Director of Academics prior to exam week. Students are expected to adhere to all exam procedures and guidelines which will be published and posted in advance of these exam days. Semester exams will count 1/5 of the final semester average. Semester exams will be administered for any course in grades 6-12 for which students receive credit with the exception of Physical Education, Yearbook, Chorus, Band, and Bible. In order to make up a semester exam, the student must present a doctor’s statement to the office and have had the absence cleared with the Dean of Students prior to the time of the examination. Retaking of failed semester exams is generally not permitted. Permission from the Director of Academics is necessary for any deviation from this policy.

Exam Exemption Guidelines

All students will take all exams through the Fall semester of their senior year.  Only seniors may be exempt from Spring exams by meeting all of the following conditions:
1. Have an A average for the semester at the end of the fourth quarter when the 3rd and 4th quarter averages are added together and divided by two.
2. Have no more than 5 excused absences and no unexcused absences for that class that semester.  No exceptions will be made for extended absences due to illness.
3. Have no U in conduct for that class that semester.

Academic Dishonesty

Academic Dishonesty (cheating) at Jackson Christian is considered a very serious offense. Cheating includes but is not necessarily limited to getting unauthorized help from any source on a quiz or test, copying another’s homework, turning in as one’s own another’s report or project, etc. Teachers are expected to have evidence that substantiates the incident. Seeing the student communicating in any manner during a test or looking as though help is being received from any unauthorized source or from another’s paper during any graded assignment is considered adequate proof. Both the one getting the help and the one supplying the help will be penalized in a consistent manner. Using technology such as calculators, cell phones, tablets, or computers for any type of help that is unauthorized by the teacher will be considered cheating. Teachers shall adhere strictly to these guidelines for cheating every time it occurs so discipline is consistent school wide:
1. The first and every subsequent cheating offense by a student in a teacher’s class during the year will cause a grade of “Zero” on that work, a “U” in conduct for the quarter, a phone call to the parent, and an office referral so the Dean of Students can check that student’s record of other cheating offenses.
2. A second offense in any class during that school year will cause the above as well as one (1) day of Saturday School.
3. A third offense will mean all of the above penalties plus two (2) days out-of- school suspension (OSS).
4. A subsequent offense shall mean suspension for the remainder of that school year with the right to have an application for admission reconsidered for the beginning of the next school year.